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Cover Your Assets - The CYA Story

Linda in a CYA planning meeting
During my advertising career, I was lucky enough to attend sporting events and concerts with clients.

As venues began to implement the clear purse policy, I understood the need for the extra layer of security, but I didn’t like having my personal items on display to clients and strangers. I was envious as I watched men go through security – showing their cash, phones and various items to clear security, and then hiding everything away in their pockets.

Which posed the question: “What if?”

Could there be a way for women to do the same?

And that is how CYA became a full-time project! With the CYA purse cover, I could clear security and then “Cover My Assets”.

I was abiding by all the security rules AND I had a way to carry my personal belongings with privacy!

When I parked and walked to an event alone, I felt safer not having my cash and credit card on display in a semi-lit parking garage.
Whether we're walking from a dorm, a parking lot, out on a crowded street or inside a packed stadium/concert venue, no one needs to see our private stuff!

CYA is a female owned company located in Georgia and all CYA covers are proudly made in the USA.

I invite you to become a CYA ambassador and help spread the word. Please post, tag, and share your pics! 

Thank you,


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Made in the USA

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